About Me

As a kid I had a thing for modern architecture and art. So I was determined to study architecture, but ended up studying Computer Science and falling in love with it. The possibilities were endless when coding. I felt like a god and my code was my miniature universe. There is no one way of developing and there are so many languages that the possibilities multiply even further. Before graduation I was already working for a firm developing various web apps in order to digitize a lot of their business processes, but I quickly realized that the office and corporate life was not for me.

So I decided to move to Austin Texas where I began my journey as a Freelance Web Designer for different types of businesses. I create their websites or redesign them into modern looking sites with the latest trends and functionalities like Calendly and Shopify. Despite having so much knowledge with code, I specialize in WordPress development while leveraging my skills in CSS and PHP to make my work even better.

I also have a passion for health, fitness, wellness and sports. I am a strong promoter of minimalism and work/social/spiritual balance. I love making new friends and getting to know people that are as passionate as I am.

Let’s be friends! Send me a message or connect with me through Instagram. I’d love to get to know you!

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